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Old Coulsdon Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem!

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Old Coulsdon Hash House Harriers run every week, alternating Sunday mornings (11 am) and Monday evenings (7.30 pm). We run mainly in the East Surrey and NW Kent area. All ages are welcome, and dogs are welcome too. Runs cost £1.50 (50p for children), which includes a bag of crisps and a drink.

Your first run is free, read the about page for more information, send us a message or join us on Facebook or Twitter (links below).



Monday 21st August 2017 7:30pm. The Mill House, 1 Windmill Road, Mitcham Common. Please use the public car park next door to the pub. CR4 1HT. Hare: Jules 'Loopy Lou' Williams and Andy 'Randy Pandy' Del Nevo (07752 754925). MAP