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Old Coulsdon Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem!

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Latest honour roll

The honour roll has been updated to 10th July 2017.

Old Coulsdon Hash House Harriers run every week, alternating Sunday mornings (11 am) and Monday evenings (7.30 pm). We run mainly in the East Surrey and NW Kent area. All ages are welcome, and dogs are welcome too. Runs cost £1.50 (50p for children), which includes a bag of crisps and a drink.

Your first run is free, read the about page for more information, send us a message or join us on Facebook or Twitter (links below).



Monday 24th July 2017 7:30pm. Sainsburys car park, 130 Addington Rd, Selsdon (2 hour limit in Sainsburys car park, open until 10:30pm, or park in local roads). On Inn - The Julian Huxley (Wetherspoons) CR2 8LA. Hare: Terry 'Dick Slexic' Phillips. MAP